Couldn’t ask for a better partner. It’s a no brainer to go with Fidelitech.

The biggest advantage we have is that Fidelitech has owned our architecture and compliance for years.  Bryan setup our original architecture in both the office and in the data center and we have been operating for 10 years nearly flawless.  We have never had an issue with our PCI or SOC certifications, primarily because of Fidelitech. The team at Fidelitech gives us personal attention and hands on training and support unlike any of their competitors.  Always available for our needs, even after hours.  Couldn’t ask for a better Co-Managed partner like Bryan and his team.  It’s a no brainer to go with Fidelitech.


Other IT companies don’t even come close to Fidelitech. They have it handled!

Fidelitech is our IT Department and is an immense help, managing our IT needs, implementing new products and services, eliminating the middleman, administrating our Office365 subscription, protecting data, and protecting our credit union against malicious bad actors.

Fidelitech is not shy about calling our third-party vendors and easing the pain and processes involved with implementing new products and services.  No more middleman having to discuss technical configurations and setup.  They have it handled.

We transitioned our Office 365 from a large national provider, and Fidelitech made it very seamless and easy.  We now enjoy many more features than we had before, and I have peace of mind knowing that we have experts who are just a phone call or e-mail away that can help us when we need it.

Your computer can be your best friend, or your worst enemy when it’s not working.  I was impressed when I received that first email from Fidelitech telling me my hard drive was failing.  We were able to replace it before any data as lost.  On another occasion Fidelitech also noted a malicious application was launched in our office and resolved the issue.  We’ve used other IT companies and their service doesn’t even come close to Fidelitech.


Great peace of mind knowing we are working with a competent and knowledgeable team!

Fidelitech is a great team to work with.  They have a vast knowledge which provides the protection and support our company needs.  I have great peace of mind knowing we are working with a competent team keeping our company safe from viruses and hackers.  I have confidence in Fidelitech and their ability to help us through whatever challenges or obstacles we are up against.  The peace of mind that comes from working with Fidelitech is one of our greatest benefits.


Fidelitech is quick to respond and always keeps our data safe and always backed up securely.

Having an unsecured network will cost not only money but your time and company’s reputation.  I have confidence knowing Fidelitech is actively working to keep our data safe and always backed up securely.  They are also quick to respond to any communication from us.


Always there. Great communication. Excellent to work with.

We feel confident knowing Fidelitech is always there.  They keep our system up and working and service updates as needed.  Fidelitech is great on providing solutions to any issues we may be experiencing and then communicating with us what the concern was and how it was handled.  James and Bryan are both excellent to work with.