Multi-Factor Authentication

What you can do to protect your business!
At a minimum Two-Factor authentication should be used for all of your public accessible web sites and services. Multi-Factor Authentication is when you use two or more levels of authentication to login and use any type of service requiring credentials. Multiple levels of authentication is one of the best ways to protect your organization from the threats of the Dark Web.

Far too often, companies that have had their credentials compromised and sold on the Dark Web don't know until it's too late.

Authentication Methods

We work with you in deploying every type of multi-factor authentication required to meet both your compliance and security needs. We help in covering all areas such as authenticator ∧ token based (Something you have), knowledge-based (Something you know), and finger, face, ∧ voice recognized (Something you are).

Some Types of Authentication:

--> Lastpass & Google Authenticator
--> Smartcards, key fobs, and tokens
--> Knowledge-Based & Keystroke Coaching
--> Biometric Devices
--> One-Time through email, SMS, or voice call

How Dark Web ID Protects your Business

Dark Web ID allows us to see industry patterns long before they become trends, and offers the intelligence to keep you and your employees more protected.

--> Connects to multiple Dark Web services to search for compromised credentials, without requiring you to connect to the high risk services directly.
--> Provides intelligent awareness of compromised credentials before breaches occur.

Why Dark Web Monitoring is Important

--> Compromised credentials are used to conduct further criminal activity.
--> Employees often use the same password for multiple services exponentially increasing the potential damage from a single compromised credential.
--> Limited visibility when credentials are stolen; over 75% of compromised credentials are reported to the victim's organization by a third party, such as law enforcement.

Dark Web Monitor and Reporting Services

Attacks on networks may be inevitable, but proactive monitoring of stolen and compromised data allows you to respond to a threat immediately to prevent a major breach.

The platform provides extensive reporting capabilities to track and triage incidents. The combination of the Multi-Factor Authentication, Phishing Training & Simulation Testing and DarkWeb Monitoring you can rest assured your organization is more protected.

Monitoring 24/7/365 for:
--> Hidden chat rooms and Private Websites
--> Peer-to-peer networks
--> IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Channels
--> Social media platforms
--> 640,000+ botnets
--> Black market sites

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