Hosted Email Security

A solution that delivers continuous protection against advanced threats, phishing, spam, and malware before they reach your users.

Flexibility for your needs

Get continuously updated protection again ransomware, spam, and advanced targeted attacks plus:
--> Email continuity, allowing users to send/receive email during an email service outage.
--> Sandbox analysis for unknown files and URL.
--> Email Encryption.
--> Outbound and Inbound Email Policies and Protection.

Many Capabilities

--> Email Sender analysis and authentication by SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.
--> Protection: Known threats and unkown malware detection (spam, malware, malicious URLs, and graymail).
--> Artificial intelligence (AI)-based fraud detection checking email header and content.
--> Compliance: DLP and email encryption.
--> Reporting: Customizable and scheduled reports.
--> End user quarantine.
--> Mail tracking search.
and much more!

Easy to use

Onced configured you can rest assured your email security policies will continue to protect and run on auto pilot.

--> End users will get hourly or daily emails enabling them to easily manage their own quarantined email.
--> Quarantined emails can be easily released from witin their inbox.
--> Straight forward encryption managment based on confingured encryption settings.
--> Capability of End Users to manage their own white and block lists.
--> Admin Company wide white and block lists.
--> Extra level of domain email address management.
--> and more!

Fidelitech Solutions Inc.

is a Managed Services and Total Solutions Provider located in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area.  Our team is focused on providing premier service oriented towards the success of your business strategy and goals.

Reduce, Improve, and Tighten

Reduce network, server, and desktop client downtime. Improve employee productivity. Reduce capital waste. Purchase technology and services catered to your business. Tighten network, server and computer security. Meet your Compliance objectives.  Fidelitech is the Information Technology Partner you can rely on!

Fidelitech Named One of Ingram Micro's Fastest-Growing SMB Channel Partners in the United States.

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