Encryption and Data Leak Prevention Services

Your goal, whenever possible, should be to encrypt all data and files at rest and in motion?

Encryption Technologies

Proper encryption of all sensitive information both at rest and in transit is a must in todays technology environment. Fortunately there are plenty of cryptology tools available to ensure your organization is protected from prying eyes. We recommend all of the following at a minumum be encrypted when handling sensitive information:
--> All Public Websites handling public information
--> All email traffic containing Personal or Card Holder information
--> All VPN, RDP, or Remote Access Tools
--> Databases, Documents, or other files containing Sensitive information
--> Full Hard Drive encryption for Desktops, Notebooks, Servers, and Storage Devices and Media
--> All Network, Routing, Firewall, and Wireless Device access and communications should be encrypted.

Assess your Security

Our Security Assessments rate and identifiy vulnerabilities in your organization. These scans identify Encryption and Data Leak vulnerabilies.

These assessments provides several reports required for maintaining compliance as well as for maintaining an edge in keeping your organization secure from cyber and other threats.

Some of the Reports Include:
--> Consolidated Security Report Card
--> Security Risk Report
--> External Vulnerabilities Scan Reports
--> Outbound Security Report
--> Security Policy Assessment Report
--> RSOP Computer and User Reports
--> Data Breach Liability Report
and much more!

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Compliance Services

Encryption of all sensitive information at rest and in transit is a requirement of all major compliance standards. Secure Coding standards and vulnerability scans are also a must in preventing data leaks in your technology environment.

Get the help you need to obtain and maintain compliance standards. Through Fidelitech and with Compliance Partners we can get you certified and help you maintain certification.

Some of the services we provide:
--> Internal and External Penetration Testing
--> Network and Security Assessments
--> Policy and Procedures Documentation
--> Risk Management and Assessments
--> Physical and Logical Security Assessments

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